Private communities

Outside the Box turns your gym into a private social network with all the tools you need to continue building relationships and motivating your athletes when they’re not at the gym. From your gyms page, your athletes can even sign up for classes, check out the schedule, and check-in to classes.


Pays for itself: Nutrition Coaching

For most, nutrition coaching means requiring athletes to write everything they eat in food journals and once-a-week feedback. With Outside the Box, coaches can quickly check their athletes photo food journal, leave comments each day, and hold them accountable even while they’re out of town.

Nutrition coaching is proven to do 2 things: maximize results and bring in additional revenue. Outside the Box makes it easy.


Build community: Communication

You want to get a quick message about a change of schedule out to your entire gym. The 6:30am group killed it today and you want everyone to know it.

Whether it’s information, inspiration, or motivation, we’re opening a new line of communication so your message will always be heard.


Daily scoreboards

All of us have someone that we outrightly or secretly compete against. If your affiliate is signed up, OTB maintains a continuously updated scoreboard for daily WODs so you can check the other scores throughout the day or just take a slack-jawed look at what the firebreathers are posting.

We’re all about competing, but scores are ordered based on the time of day they’re entered. We’ll let you do the ranking.


Visible progress: WOD Tracking

We love WOD tracking, but hate typing in WODs. Now, coaches can post WODs by just taking a picture of the whiteboard, and athletes can track them the same way. With OTB, just do the work, take a picture, and log your score. It’s that simple.

Pictures look a lot better when your athletes are sharing to Facebook too.

These affiliates are ready to go Outside the Box. Is yours?

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We’re only launching in a select number of top affiliates. If your gym leads from the front, contact us today to learn more and find out how you can be the first in your city to go outside the box.